A Visual Conversation

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Open now through October 31 at Bucci's Restaurant, Emeryville:

Opening reception is this Thursday, Oct 9th, 5pm-7pm.

This exhibition started life as an experiment. First, one photograph was chosen to start the conversation, then visual responses to this were requested and the first received (without curation) became the next "statement" in the conversation and the trigger for the next one.

Eventually 25 images from 25 different photographers made up the "conversation" which can now be seen at Bucci's, as well as in a book, available from BAPC.


In the words of contributor and book creator, Barbara Kyne:

"Like all conversations, this one moved in many directions, at times circuitous, at times repetitious, emotionally
moving, humorous and sometimes inexplicably, with juxtapositions being visual, conceptual, literal, metaphorical or transformative. The expressiveness was just as much in the connections made as the images themselves – making for a rich, challenging and provocative viewing experience.

Ultimately the conversation evokes the mystery of beings going about their lives with every day simplicity and complexity, with thrills, danger, joy and hard work, in our vast ancient landscapes at once awe-inspiring and alienating, in our societal cultures both isolating and life-sustaining – a sort of inner/outer, public/private, Eastern/Western conversation from our diverse membership. Yes. Without words, we have a deeply complex and satisfying conversation."


My image in the conversation, is this one:



If you are in the Bay Area, I hope you can make it to the restaurant!


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